Norwegian Fjords Cruises

Norwegian Fjord cruises offer an unprecedented opportunity to visit one of the most spectacular areas in the world. The outsatnding beauty of a Norwegian Fjord cruise will take your breath away and during your cruise you will get to call at many of the scenic ports such as Stavenger, Bergan and Flamm.

The sights to see on this cruise are superb, from whale watching to evening Norwegian Fjords cruises that show the pre-historic magnitude of ice carved inlets with their spectacular waterfalls. If you wish, you can cruise even further north and take a journey beyond the Arctic Circle.

During your visit to the Norwegian Fjords you will see many Viking settlements dotted around the landscape. And if you are lucky you will get to view 'The Midnight Sun' which is a uniquely spectacular experience that can be seen on a Norwegian cruise.

This cruise certainly will leave you with memories that last a lifetime - not to be missed!

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