Dubai And Middle East

Easily the most sort after destination at the moment and still developing; Dubai and the Middle East is fast becoming the epicentre for millions of tourists from around the globe. With year-round sunshine, Dubai provides the perfect setting for you to enjoy a truly amazing holiday.

There are many outdoor activities to keep you entertained in Dubai. The Wild Wadi Water Park offers hours of fun under the sun, a new in- door snow dome in the desert for those needing a break from the heat. Other excursions and activities include, Desert Safaris, dune driving and wadi-bashing, exotic cruises of traditional wooden dhow or modern cabin cruiser on the Dubai Creek and into the Gulf and the unique sights and sounds of traditional commerce in the bustling souks and on the Quays of the Creek along with hours of shopping to be done in the vast malls of high fashion houses and electronics stores, and the shimmering Gold Souk, an attraction in its own right.

There is nowhere in the world where you'll find such a high concentration of the most extravagant and stunning hotels including the '7 star' Burj Al Arab shaped like a sail and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel shaped like a wave. Dubai is leading the way in structural design creating new resorts out at sea such as the Palm Island and other developments include the Marina and a new theme park called Dubailand.

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